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A Built-in Monitoring Platform Engineered For Serverless Computing

SigmaDash is the newest addition to the SLAppForge’s serverless tools stack which gives you the ability to monitor your functions and projects.

Gain full observability of your AWS functions

SigmaDash comes with a monitor-able component named ‘Functions’. Functions are the exact representation of AWS Lambda functions inside SigmaDash.

Monitor health and performances of your projects in real time

Another monitor-able component of SigmaDash is ‘Projects’. Project is a collection of functions. With projects, you get the ability to logically group functions and monitor aggregated stats.

Invaluable insights for your
cloud deployments

SigmaDash is a tool to keep and eye on your deployments and AWS Lambda functions streamlining serverless monitoring. For each function or project, SigmaDash generates graphical representations for following metrics.


Invocations are number of times, a function or a set of functions are invoked as a result of an event or a direct invocation api call. This graph counts all invocations regardless of success or failure of the respective invocation.

Memory Usage

This graph represents memory usage of the function containers per each invocation. It is useful in determining over allocation or under allocation of resources.

Invocation Duration

This represents duration taken by each invocation of the function. This graph combined with the memory graph can be used to determine the sweet spot for resource allocation to minimize the cost.


This graphs shows number of throttled invocations due to exceeding these limits. Based on this graph, we can either adjust our source code/ application logic to limit number of function invocations or request AWS to lift account limits.

Community and Support

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