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We at SLAppForge bring Cloud Computing for everyone. Whether you are a serverless expert or not, our goal is to make your serverless ride faster and much more comfortable.

Meet SIGMA, the new kid in the serverless block!

Sigma serverless IDE

Sigma is a serverless application developer toolkit; a cloud IDE, which helps you rapidly build, test and deploy serverless applications.

Everything Runs on AWS
Now supporting integrations with AWS
Easy AWS Lambda Development
Develop, build, test and deploy with ease
The Hybrid IDE
Simplicity of drag and drop development and power of raw code
Lightweight and Fast
Runs completely inside your browser
Amazon logo (AWS)

Embrace the full power of AWS Serverless Platform. Now supporting integrations with AWS Lambda and a myriad of AWS based services.

No more struggling with multiple dashboards, complex integration configs or lengthy documentation; once you drag-n-drop an API operation or function trigger, SIGMA automatically takes care of the rest!

Start developing with SIGMA today!

Think Serverless!